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The Skirt Chronicles

Volume II

Volume II

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She Comes in Colors Everywhere.

On the day the cover was shot, we seemed to be set on a rust-red-orange-type-color, then had a navy epiphany, to then end up in front of a special fan. Trying to be logical or at least find some logic in said choice. Panning through the wonders of this peculiar fan, the options are limitless. 

Do we want the Japanese summer to be more orange or brown? What does celadon 1 mean? What kind of yellow were these sun chairs in Orbettelo, Ponza, San Remo? No, they were not yellow; they were more of a buttery color; fresh butter. But then what is the color of fresh butter? This is it.

As much as choosing the color to represent the first Volume of The Skirt Chronicles was immediate, selecting just one color for the second proved to be different, for it’s like a prism.

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