About Us



Kayal was founded in 2014 in the foothills of the Margalla Hills, the starting point of the Himalayas, inspired by the hills that are a part of our identity and the cultural influences of South Asia. This region has a rich history of interaction between humans, animals, and nature, and is full of secrets and a sense of mystery. The geography of the area also has a magical quality, connecting us to other nations, each of which experiences it in its own unique way.

Our fashion philosophy at Kayal is centered on timelessness and thoughtfulness. We aim to create collectible pieces that will be treasured for years to come, and our clothing is designed to make you feel connected to your highest, most sensuous self. Our garments embody a sense of freedom and ephemerality, and are inspired by the intersection of space, time, and culture throughout the design and production process. Our goal is for our women to feel a sense of connection to themselves and to the world around them through our clothing.

Kayal has stores in both Karachi and Islamabad that serve as a peaceful retreat from the busy city streets. Our focus on visual merchandising enhances the customer experience by creating a four-dimensional, immersive environment that allows for a deeper connection between the customer and the space. Our outlets offer a multi-functional space for our audience, where we can support and promote the intersectionality of the arts in various ways. We are dedicated to creating an engaging platform for the environment around us, bringing creators and consumers together and fostering a sense of exploration and discovery.