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Onyx Lagoon

Onyx Lagoon

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a mysterious scent profile with top notes of citrus, sea salt and ozone, base notes of amber and dark musk and middle notes of plum and cardamom to tie it all together, enough to create a moody environment.

made with fragrance & essential oils, distilled water, polysorbate (emulsifier), sorbic acid (mild preservative), dimethicone (anti foaming agent)

spritz the spray in the room or on linen or furniture to make the scent last longer

patch test the spray on a non visible part of your linens or furniture to check for staining or damage especially on leather

shake well before each use.

please avoid direct contact with the skin and clothes. do not ingest.

keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes.

bottle dimensions: 6.5 cm (w) x 17 cm (h)

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