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Syeda Sheeza Ali

Seeds of Resilence

Seeds of Resilence

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Title: Seeds of Resilence

Type: Sculpture

Medium: Fiberglass

Year: 2023

Price: 95000 PKR



Sheeza is a Karachi based Visual Artist, working on sculptures with a strong focus on the human desire for food. Her mix media works discern into tempt, she enjoys making art that results lure, charm and tease that makes people hungry for the things that makes them happy and force them to surrender. Sheeza has Graduated with distinction in Fine Arts from Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi in 2019. She has been displaying her work in various group shows. She has won many Awards in the art field, she is the winner of Karachi biennale’22 popular choice award also won ALHAMRA 18th Young Artists Exhibition, she is currently a visiting faculty at Karachi University and Iqra University, pursued her MS in Media, experimenting & practicing art as an emerging artist.


Title: "Seeds of Resilience: Palestine's Unyielding Spirit"


My work “Seeds of Resilience” represents Palestine's Unyielding Spirit, I present a poignant and symbolic representation of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the ongoing genocide in the region. This sculpture takes the form of a slice of watermelon, a beloved and refreshing fruit, which serves as a metaphor for the land and people of Palestine. The vibrant red and green colors of the watermelon evoke the beauty and resilience of the Palestinian culture.


However, a single bite taken out of the watermelon tells a story of hardship, pain, and suffering. It symbolizes the challenges faced by Palestinians in the ongoing genocide, where innocent lives are affected. This act of taking a bite represents the oppressive actions taken by Israel during the genocide, which have left deep scars.


What sets this sculpture apart is the addition of watermelon seeds. These seeds represent the indomitable spirit and unwavering hope of the Palestinian people. Just as watermelon seeds can be planted to give rise to new life, they symbolize the determination to regrow, rebuild, and flourish despite the adversities faced.


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