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Honey, I'm Home

Reed Diffuser Honey I'm Home

Reed Diffuser Honey I'm Home

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Volume: 120 ml | Lasts upto 6-8 weeks | Includes 6 Reed Sticks

1)Moonlit Meadows, Night Blooming Jasmine Reed Diffuse :The perfect floral scent that reigns supreme in the world of fragrance. Sensuality and opulence embedded in its deeply aromatic accords of poet’s jasmine, night blooming and the timeless beauty of royal jasmine.

2)Peaceful Water, Sea Salt & White Lily Reed Diffuser: Sea salt, lush green leaves, white orchids and the intoxicating lily, all resting on a comforting base of tonka bean, amber, and a hint of musk. Inspired by Maldivian waters, this calming fragrance is an all year round favorite.

3)Lace & Suede, Blue Lily, Peony Bloom & Satin Thread Reed Diffuser: Blue Lily, Peony Bloom & Satin Thread Intricately woven whispers of lace and rich pink suede become the inspiration for this vivacious, floral scent. Bask in the opulence of the romantic symphony of purity, orchestrated by delicate satin threads with blue lilies from Ireland and peonies in full bloom from the English countryside.

4)Ink & Poetry, Lavender & Chamomile Reed Diffuser: A true self-care fragrance. Heady and calming to the senses. Fragrant chamomile flower is infused with herbaceous notes of lavender and a hint of lemon to bring it in perfect harmony.

5)Shahtoosh, Oud of Isfahan in Silk Reed Diffuser: Oud of Isfahan in Silk Like the rich textures of an heirloom held, worn, felt and lovingly passed down for generations, Shahtoosh is an intense amalgamation of regality and heritage. An oasis in time, the scent of the finest sourced Oud of Isfahan in pure silk embodies luxury and legacy, keeping your home reminiscent of it.

6)Velvet Rose & Tweed, Rose, Chili Leaf & Redwood Bark Reed Diffuser: 

Rose, Chili Leaf & Redwood Bark Let the mysterious woody notes laid on a base of rose sway you back to the memory of your first love, the last slow dance of the night. A combination of rose, the inner lining of a fiery chili leaf, and redwood bark will leave your room and heart scented with the subtle embrace of passion and grounding.

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