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Cica Peptide Recovery Serum

Cica Peptide Recovery Serum

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This hardworking serum contains a cocktail of ingredients including 5% niacinamide, that act synergistically to soothe, plump, and repair the skin, and target a range of skin concerns. Formulated to banish inflammation, promote barrier repair, enhance elasticity, smooth fine lines, vanish blemishes, address texture & pigmentation, and increase regeneration - this serum is for skin that just needs a little extra love.

Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, this serum addresses every skin concern and suits every skin type. You can layer this with retinol, AHA, BHA, Vitamin C or your favourite actives - it pairs well with + complements everything! Even better, use it on its on with just moisturiser for visible skin support and recovery. 

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