Manifesting Nature through Ceramic Art

Manifesting Nature through Ceramic Art

If you appreciate contemporary art as much as we do, you will love Shahid Waheed's unique abstract sculptures, now displaying in store. Influenced by the work of his teacher and mentor Salahuddin Mian, the renowned pioneer of modern ceramic art in Pakistan, Waheed has been creating his own art on the throwing wheel for decades now.

The ceramics display at Waheed's studio include functional pieces like vases and hand painted mugs.

Waheed's work manifests the silhouettes that exist in nature. His signature bird and owl sculptures embody his minimalist aesthetic and his moody self-comforting figurines with their tilted heads reveal his keen understanding of human emotion. Music is another art form that inspires him. His taste ranges from western country music, blues and jazz to eastern classical, ghazal and folk music, he takes inspiration from a wide array of genres while creating his art.
Waheed sharing his journey as a ceramicist with us at his studio.
As a potter he spends a fair amount of time around clay. The process of creating a ceramic piece can be long and physically demanding and must require a great deal of strength and patience. The various forms clay takes on during the molding and firing processes has taught him how to lead his life. The pliability and softness of raw clay has inculcated in him the importance of being polite and considerate, and hardened fired clay has taught him resilience and steadfastness.
An experimental sculpture: a gloomy figure carved out of wood. 

 Talent runs in his family: Waheed's wife, children and their spouses all work as artists. This gifted family shares a studio space under the title JSK Atelier in a Bahria compound where they offer commissioned ceramic murals, 3-D sculptures, miniature and oil paintings.

Waheeds work is now available at Kayal, 62 Beverly Center. 

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