Journey Into the Himalayan Hills

Journey Into the Himalayan Hills

While cooler temperatures are a welcome change from the scorching heat of long summer months, the heavy use of gas and electric heating can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry and malnourished. As the seasons shift, so will our need to tackle our beauty regimen with a more nourishing and holistic approach. In order to rejuvenate thirsty skin, rehydration with oils and lotions is absolutely necessary but we must first remove the layers of dead cells that sit atop our healthy, glowing skin.

The Himalayan Salt Scrub and Soak is the latest launch in tune with our commitment towards wellness and sustainability. Using all locally sourced natural ingredients, we are connecting to our roots and taking actions that ensure a reduction in our carbon footprint. Natural skincare goes deeper than ingredients on a list, it’s a mindset—a holistic lifestyle that plays an important role in self-love and overall wellness. 

Developed in collaboration with YellowBerry, this mineral-rich body scrub and soak is packed with skin loving nutrients meant to transform your body and reveal radiant skin. Through the healing powers of pink salt, the scrub serves as a gentle exfoliator at first but melts away as you rub it in, releasing dead skin and toxins that pile up over time. To balance skin tone and improve overall complexion, we’ve added sundried roses grown in Hunza, an ingredient that has been used for centuries in traditional remedies.

Infused with a unique blend of pink grapefruit, ylang-ylang and lime essential oils, the scrub also serves as a dose of mood-enhancing aromatherapy, a proven holistic science of healing mind, body and spirit. One whiff and you’ll immediately be transported deep into the Himalayas with its rich, earthy and sweet undertones.

Nourishing essential oils help restore your skin’s natural moisture. When these oils are applied to the body they’re absorbed into your bloodstream and their benefits are dispersed throughout. The act of rubbing stimulates fluid flow, reduces cellulite, improves overall tone and health of skin. Pair it with dry brushing for added benefits of massage and removal of dull, dead skin.

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